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Patient Static Transfer Lifts

Patient Static Transfer Lifts is the equipment is safe, easy, quick to transfer patients to bath, all kind examinations. No damage, pain incurred during transportation. No restrictions on patients’ height. It saves medical staffs from heavy duty protecting their health. The Lifts can bear weight up to 135 kg.



Preventing and putting to secondary injuries and suffering MSPTL, in cases burns, scalding, protect patient medication changes, drug steeping.


Avoiding cross infection can safeguard health, medical personnel assisting, prevention spread, and infectious diseases, reducing risks, exposure wounds.


Improving working efficiency reached from bed to bed, operating table, avoiding secondary complications, work overloads.


Nursing Functions patient long stay in bed transported examination, treatment, bed sheet changes, showers, steeping medicated baths other life care.


Special Functions bearing capacity 135 kg, moving overweight patients, cannot transport ordinary device, no restrictions patients’ height.


Upper part rack monitors infusion pump, frame, and drainage bottles.



Acoustic Resonance Therapy

Since a few thousand years ago, Chinese medicine has talked about ‘Qi’, which is frequently translated as ‘energy’ but could be understood as ‘life energy’, ‘lifeforce’, ‘energy flow’. Ancient Indian and Japanese scholars also had similar concept. In modern physics, according to Einstein’s famous formula of ‘E=mc2’, mass can be converted to energy. Hence, the human body can be thought of as a concentration of energy. Western medicine has started to be curious about the practice of ancient oriental medicine and based on these abstract ideas and embarked on serious scientific exploration.


Natural frequency
Every physical object or system has its own natural frequency at which it naturally vibrates once it is set into motion. The natural frequency depends on the size, density and configuration of an object. When there is a change in one of these fundamental properties, the natural frequency changes too.
The human body is an assembly of parts and organs, which are in turn composed of cells. Being physical in nature themselves, all body parts and organs have their own natural frequency, too. For example, from work by D.Luidtke, we can place the range of normal human vibrations(as a whole organism) from 810Hz to 870Hz per second.

 A change in the health conditions and configurations of the parts and organs of the human body is associated with a change in their natural frequency.

An elastic object can restore its form after exertion of force causing distortion is released. Like an elastic object, when a human organ is normal and healthy, it possesses an ability to restore its own healthy state and configuration under a relaxing and resting condition. When an organ is inflicted with sickness, this self-restoration ability is affected. The associated natural frequencies will be influenced. An out-of-balance of the body condition can manifest itself in the change of natural frequencies.


Acoustic resonance

Resonance is the buildup of large vibration amplitude that occurs when a structure or an object is excited at its natural frequency. Resonance can be either desirable or undesirable. Acoustic resonance, a desirable resonance, occurs in musical instruments. Acoustic resonance therapy is based on the idea of applying desirable acoustic resonance to the human body to help restore its normal and healthy state or to recover from certain disease and illness. The XXXX is designed and implemented based on the above principle. Applying this therapy to the body not only is painless and harmless but also causes no undesirable side effects.








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